Musical Happiness

100 Days of Happiness — Day 74

Musicals are my second favorite genre of movie, after comedies. I love almost all of them from The Wizard of Oz to High School Musical. When I was young, I thought a movie where they would burst into song was silly, I couldn’t relate to the story then. I grew up to appreciate the fantasy and the magic of the musical and now I watch them over and over. I’m not sure what I would go with if I had to pick a favorite. There’s the ones you can never watch too often like Grease and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I think my favorite might be Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Tonight, I found My Fair Lady online so after listening to the soundtrack for a couple of weeks straight, I’m watching it again for probably the fifth or sixth time. Henry Higgins might be a bit of an ass, but I think anyone would fall in love with Eliza.


Fast Food Happiness

100 Days of Happiness — Day 73

Today, JT and I had lunch at Wendy’s and, since I think Wendy’s fries get cold too fast, we ate inside. We don’t eat out very often and we are usually the drive-thru type, so it was nice to sit and have a meal with him without watching TV at the same time.

mom cashier

Mom Happiness

100 Days of Happiness — Day 72

Today would have been my mom’s birthday, it’s the first one without her. So I should do like with my grandma and have happy memories of her today, yeah? It’s hard though, it still doesn’t feel quite real that she’s gone. It’s getting close to a year since she passed and now is when it is starting to get really painful, I remember the same thing after my dad died. Once enough time has passed that you really start to notice the void, that’s when the sadness and loss really hits.

I do hope my mom’s last year was a good one. She had been getting less able to do things on her own, but wasn’t at the point where she had to completely stop volunteering, which was something she was dreading. She had been really sick and unable to get out and do anything for a few months, but right before she died she went out to dinner for her anniversary and volunteered just a few days before her death. I know it’s selfish, but I am very happy that if it had to happen, it happened after a “good” spell and it happened rather quickly. No one wants to watch a loved one linger and suffer.

Mom had a grumpy streak in her, but after getting progressively more ill for a decade, I guess anyone would have. I think, though, that many of you will remember her as thoughtful and generous, which she definitely was. She wanted to be liked and appreciated and I think she accomplished that. I think that there are probably a lot more people who think about her and miss her than she’d ever imagine.

So it’s hard to think about good memories today, because it’s difficult to do anything thinking about Mom at all — my brain wants to focus on her last day. I know with time though that it will become easier to think about all the positive memories we had together.


Chocolate Happiness

100 Days of Happiness — Day 71

Today I’m happy to have chocolate in the form of peanut M&Ms, I’m happy for everyone on my FB friends’ list, I’m happy that I didn’t have to try anything new, I’m happy for Disney week on Dancing With the Stars and I’m happy to have been introduced to the Winchester boys.


Music Happiness

100 Days of Happiness — Day 70

Human brains are hardwired to like music. I won’t even talk about how amazing music can be to health, like helping a person with aphasia find their words again, it’s just amazing for simple every day living too.

Music can instantly trigger a memory, where you were when you heard a song, someone that song reminds you of, a feeling you had when you last heard the song; it’s great for nostalgia. Music can also intensify a mood — listening to upbeat stuff when you’re happy, or improve a mood — listening to upbeat stuff when you’re sad.

I love all different kinds of music; old country, Broadway, hip hop, top 40, boy bands, classic rock, 1980s, just about everything but jazz and blues, yuck. Everyone has a favorite genre of music and I think it helps you to have a better day if you listen to at least a song or two that you love!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorites:


Dumpster Happiness

100 Days of Happiness — Day 69

(69 — heehee)

Yesterday, without knowing it, I threw something in the dumpster that is special and irreplaceable. I realized it today and luckily the dumpster hadn’t been emptied and the box it was in was still sitting right in the front where I could get to it. Bonus, there was nothing yucky on top of it. So today I’m happy that I got my garbage back!


Amazon Happiness

100 Days of Happiness — Day 68

I wonder if I posted the wrong day number if anyone would notice? lol

Today’s happiness is Amazon, who makes it super easy to shop from home. They’re easy to navigate and easy to check out and you get your stuff quick and, most importantly, you don’t have to leave the house.


Home Happiness

100 Days of Happiness — Day 67

Today I’m mostly just happy that JT didn’t have to work. I’ve been really run down, tired and unmotivated today, so I was happy to not have to leave the house.

grandmas dolls april 2016

Box of Happiness

100 Days of Happiness — Day 66

My grandma was a doll collector. One of my uncles is gathering up her dolls and sending them to me, and today I received the first box. I’m so excited to have dolls to add to my collection that were my grandma’s. They weren’t expensive and they weren’t cared for as carefully as they should have been (tell me how to get basement smell off of them!) but they are sentimental and very special to me. My favorite is this bed doll that belonged to my great grandma. I don’t know how old I was when she got her, but my memories of her bed always include this doll displayed on it.

grandmas dolls in blue

beach 2

Beach Happiness

100 Days of Happiness — Day 65

Today’s happiness was a trip to the beach. JT is the one who goes in the water (he was testing out a snorkeling mask I’m reviewing), I don’t anymore. I sat in the shade and watched Supernatural on my phone, but he enjoys it so much that I don’t really mind. Plus it feels nice to be outside and the water is sooo relaxing.